Custom Aquariums to Delight You

Aquatech Aquariums specializes in custom aquariums, their design and maintenance. We can create a unique aquarium for you, or maintain one that you have had previously installed. There are new materials available that allow aquarium designers to create wonderful, interesting new shapes.

There are many shapes that can be chosen. You can select spherical, “bubble” tanks of several sizes. You could also request the tank be cylindrical, which would allow you to walk all the way around it. You could even have the tank built to fit a specific space in the office or home.

spherical bubble custom aquariums
This stunning, beautiful spherical “bubble” aquarium is serviced by Aquatech Aquariums

Sometimes when someone is contemplating a new aquarium for their home or office, even though they really want a uniquely shaped tank, they choose a conventional rectangular one because they worry about maintenance issues. But in using an aquarium maintenance service, who have experts capable of dealing with tanks of any shape, the ambitious aquarium owner can choose any exciting tank for their office or home.

spherical bubble aquarium
Get a closer look at this spherical aquarium serviced by Aquatech Aquariums.

Custom aquariums with unique designs require attentive maintenance.

The odd shapes of custom aquariums can provide challenges to the person doing the maintenance work. Keeping the sides of the tank clean, for instance may be a challenge if the shape is unusual. If the tank has live plants, it is also important that they stay healthy.

Whatever design you choose, if you also decide to hire a maintenance service, you will know that your attractive fish will be well taken care of. The conditions of the tank will always be maintained properly for the health of your fish.

Choosing an expert aquarium maintenance service can address these concerns. At Aquatech Aquariums, this is one of our specialties. We can provide you with ease of mind by taking on all the challenges of a uniquely shaped aquarium.

Something Fishy: The Beauty of Koi

outdoor koi pondMany people are fascinated by watching koi. The large decorative fish were bred from ordinary carp in Japan in the 1800s. The name “koi” comes from a Japanese term, nishikigoi, which literally means “brocaded carp.” The koi fanciers cultivated mutations in the fish for color, making the animals collectibles. The arrangement of ponds suitable for keeping the fish developed into an art of its own, for there are many considerations to be taken into account in building a suitable koi pond. The addition of a koi pond to a property adds a tranquil beauty to the setting.

The Fascination of Koi

Part of the fascination with these decorative carp comes from the size these fish can grow to. In ideal conditions in Japan, it is possible for koi to grow to a length of 37 inches. In the United States, with a more variable climate, they often grow to 27 inches. Age also contributes to the popularity of these fish, for the ordinary life expectancy can be around 50 years. That means that providing the fish is properly cared for and protected from predators, it could live for quite a long time. A famous koi named “Hanako” reportedly lived to be over 200 years old. It was, of course, owned by several people in the course of its life.

colorful koi fishOne thing that many people are not aware of is that these carp do not breed true for coloration and patterns.  If left to breed on their own, in a few short generations, the offspring will have reverted back to ordinary carp. This difficulty in fixing coloration contributes to the mystique of koi.  Koi fanciers look for certain combinations of color and markings. The usual colors are red, black, yellow, brown, blue, silver, gold, pine cone pattern, orange, gray, and white. The metallic colors tend to be solid, all over, while the other colors have a variety of marking combinations.

In addition to color, koi also have different types of scales. They are even given names, in order to help describe a particular fish. Scaled are the most common type, and they possess typical carp scales. Then there are Doitsu, which have scales only along the dorsal and lateral lines. Leather describes a fish that has no visible scales, except for the occasional presence of very small scales along the dorsal line alone. The last type of “scaling” is the Gin Rin, which refers to a normally scaled fish that has a mirror-like quality to the scales, and the scales are usually of a gold or silvery appearance.

The size and coloration of these carp are what fascinate people. We like to watch them swimming amongst the water plants in an appealingly designed pond. For the more ambitious owner, there might be the opportunity for competitive display. But for most, it is the pleasure of watching the sizable fish circulate in the clear water of the koi pond, giving hours of quiet pleasure.

Maintaining a koi pond’s pristine beauty is not an easy task, and is best left to experts who know how to clean and service the pond without disturbing the fish.  At Aquatech Aquarium Services (in Los Angeles), we have over 25 years of experience caring for aquarium and pond fish.  One of our specialized services is koi pond maintenance.  Give us a call at (310) 993-2183 – we would love to help you continue to enjoy your koi pond for years to come

Aquarium Therapy: Reduce Stress and Add Beauty

Harold Weiner and waiting room aquarium
Waiting room aquarium installed by Aquatech owner Harold Weinter

Anyone who has spent time near an aquarium knows the attraction of watching the fish move about in the water. Aquarium therapy begins by recognizing this attraction. The sinuous movements of the fish, the gentle flutter of the fins, these capture our attention in their graceful simplicity.

Aquarium Therapy for Home or Office

As it turns out, studies are beginning to show that this fascination can have therapeutic benefits to us. Nobody had thought to consider it until recently, but early studies indicate that having an aquarium around, particularly in a potentially stressful area like a medical waiting room, can help soothe the visitors.

Aquatech Aquarium Services has vast experience designing, installing, and maintaining office aquariums – as an example, check out the beautiful waiting room aquarium seen above.

Watching fish has been shown to reduce anxiety in waiting dental patients. Even watching a video of an aquarium can lower the pulse rate and muscular tension of elderly subjects. Other researchers have discovered that for those with Alzheimer’s, aquarium therapy with displays of bright colored fish can inspire improved eating habits and calm disruptive behavior.

waiting room aquarium therapyApparently, the size of the aquarium is not an issue in this benefit. A small aquarium can be as effective as a large one, so long as the fish has space to swim about in.

The possibility of coming home to such a soothing addition to the household can inspire even the most inexperienced-with-fish person to consider getting an aquarium. Smaller aquariums might be easier to maintain for such a beginner. There are aquarium maintenance and design experts who can help the novice in selecting the best one to suit experience, available time, and space. And if the prospective fish-owner chooses to go for a larger, saltwater system, and is concerned about maintenance, it is possible to hire maintenance services to help maintain the aquarium.

A wall aquarium divides space.A home aquarium can become not only a lovely focal point for a home, but also a stress-reducer for the residents. Even as short a span as five minutes gazing at a populated aquarium can help soothe irritated spirits. For people recovering from serious surgery, the undemanding interaction with fish provides an up-beat element to their day, helping them have a more positive outlook during the crucial period. Hyper-active children have been found to gain focus while engaged with fish in an aquarium. All because of those fascinating finned creatures in water in the transparent container.

The benefits of an aquarium in the home are more than just beauty and pleasure. There’s a calming therapy for those who have to wrestle with daily jobs and bills. A tank of fish can be a worthwhile expenditure for the psychological benefits that can come with it. Find out today if you can fit one into your own living space.